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DREVINSLOVAKIA spol. s r.o. - EUR pallets, manufacture and sale



Highest standards of quality and customer service


The values of our company, that our custumers appriciate the most are proper identification of customers needs to achieve it in the required quality and the contracted delivery date. Our clientship include large companies and corporations.


Individual access and long-term cooperation


Long-term cooperation is supported by the fact that most of our customers have been working with us since the beginning of the establishment of our production in 1990. The company DREVINSLOVAKIA spol. s.r.o. was established in 2004 by transforming individual entrepreneur Hlodák Ján. What customers appreciate most of our company is the timeliness and flexibility of supply, product quality and individual approach to every single client.


Highly qualified employees and production facilities


The ensure of consistent compliance with increasingly demanding customer requirements is subject to continuously improve the level of management of individual processes as well as the modernization of the fleet. Our production and storage areas are located on st. Železničná 95/294 Revúca.


Modern and efficient management tools


Processes, together we maintain and improve the certified quality management system , streamlined logistics of deadline fulfilment assessment and approval of orders in cooperation with the management of supply, we provide a system of resource management and material flows to meet the obligations of our customers. The main program of the company is the manufacture of wooden pallets and EUR pallets also in atypical sizes according to customer requirements.