Drevinslovakia s.r.o.

All types and size wooden pallets production since 1990.

The company Drevinslovakia Ltd. is a wood processing company with a main focus on the production of final products - wooden EUR pallets, atypical pallets and CP pallets. We provide comprehensive processing from the input raw material - logs, through cutting and drying to the final products - wooden pallets.

Most of our customers have been working with us since 1990, when the company was founded as Hlodák Ján - DREVING. In 2004, the company was transformed into Drevinslovakia Ltd. with current headquarters directly in the village of Revúca.

As a result of constantly increasing quality requirements, we have introduced ISO 9001:2015 quality control systems that guarantee the high quality of processed products. Based on the IPPC - ISPM FAO certificate No. 15, we operate heat treatment (HT) or drying to the required humidity, together with ensuring a phytoprotocol on heat treatment.

Custom pallets

We will make a pallet for any of your products. We will design the dimensions according to the requirements for the nature of the packaging, handling technique and ideas about a custom-made pallet.

Quality control

We guarantee the highest possible quality. We place great emphasis on quality control during the entire production process, final adjustments and even individual shipping.

Deliveries on time

In addition to our own transport, we also use forwarding truck transport for transport. Thanks to this, we are able to work in JIT (Just in time) mode, i.e. deliver on a precisely determined date.

Drevinslovakia spol. s r.o.

Železničná 95/294

050 01 Revúca, Slovakia