• Paleta EUR 1200x800mm
    Paleta EUR 1200x800mm
  • Paleta 1200x1000mm
    Paleta 1200x1000mm
  • Paleta 1200x1000mm
    Paleta 1200x1000mm
  • Paleta 800x600mm
    Paleta 800x600mm

Wooden pallets EUR/UIC

EUR 1200x800mm pallets are the most used exchange type of transport pallets in Europe. All euro pallets must be marked with burned-in EUR symbols, for which production is subject to strict standards and thus the EUR mark means high quality.

The automation of the production process guarantees the quality and longevity of all new wooden pallets produced by us. Thanks to many years of experience, we have gained the reputation of real experts in the production of Euro pallets, because we will always deliver the pallets in the agreed quality, quantity and exactly on time.

Dried to 22% moisture (or according to customer requirements)
Stored under the roof
Suitable for fixing a cardboard kit
No crust
No mold or rot
Certification IPPC

Complete production process

We provide complete wood processing, from the purchase of logs, cutting and shortening of lumber, production and drying of pallets to final logistics.

Atypical wooden pallets (custom)

We produce atypical pallets by hand, ideally according to the drawing documentation based on the specific requirements of the client. For more than 30 years of our activity, our technical staff has designed more than hundreds of types of pallets, which are tailored to the needs of our customers. If you do not have a suitable pallet, we will propose a solution for you, so it will corresponds to the specific purpose with dimensions, design, quality and price.
We provide the opportunity to produce sample pallets to test the durability of pallets, load safety or other requirements related to individual elements in the construction of pallets.
We will produce any possible dimensions of pallets with accuracy in mm.

  • Drevená preložka 1200x800mm plná
    Drevená preložka 1200x800mm plná
  • Paleta 800x800mm
    Paleta 800x800mm
  • Drevená preložka 1200x800 rošť
    Drevená preložka 1200x800 rošť
  • Paleta celoplošná 1200x800mm
    Paleta celoplošná 1200x800mm
  • Paleta 800x600mm
    Paleta 800x600mm
  • Paleta 1200x1000mm
    Paleta 1200x1000mm
  • Paleta 1200x800mm
    Paleta 1200x800mm
  • Paleta jednorazová 1200x800mm
    Paleta jednorazová 1200x800mm
  • Paleta hranolová 800x600mm
    Paleta hranolová 800x600mm
  • Paleta hranolová 1000x800mm
    Paleta hranolová 1000x800mm
  • Paleta CP 800x1200
    Paleta CP 800x1200
  • Paleta CP 1140x1140mm
    Paleta CP 1140x1140mm
  • Paleta 2500x1000mm
    Paleta 2500x1000mm
  • Paleta CP 1000x1200mm
    Paleta CP 1000x1200mm

Stavebné rezivo, dosky, hranoly

Štandardizované dosky dostupné skladom:
  • 145x22x1200mm
  • 98x22x1200mm
  • 145x22x800mm
  • 98x22x4000mm
  • 145x22x4000mm
Štandardizované hranoly dostupné skladom:
  • 145x78x4000mm
  • 100x78x4000mm
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