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Wooden pallets Atyp.

In DREVINSLOVAKIA s.r.o. we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom made pallets that meet the specific requirements of the client. For over 25 years our business and our technical staff have designed more than one hundred kinds of pallets that are suit the needs of our customers. Another option is atypical pallets based on customer drawings.


Our company provides services for the design and manufacture of pallets for a particular use or pallets to order, including oversized wooden pallets and platforms for transporting machines and appliances for households, but also pallets that meet specific requirements in terms of durability pallets, load security, and with the additional condition as to the individual elements in the construction of pallets.


Pallet 800x800mm                                                              Pallet 800x600mm 

Atyp. paleta

atyp. paleta 800x600












Pallet 1200x1000mm                                                         Pallet 1200x800mm  
 atyp. paleta 1200x800mmpaleta 1200x800 atyp. 












Wooden board 800x600mm                                             Wooden board grate 800x600mm

drevená preložka

Drevená preložka rošť









Wooden pallet ceiling 1200x800mm                               Wooden pallet single use 1200x800mm

Drevená paleta celoplošnáDrevená paleta jednorázova 1200x800







Wooden pallet prismatic 800x600mm                           Wooden pallet prismatic 1000x800mm

paleta 800x600Drevená paleta hranolová 1100x800













Wooden pallet 2500x1000

Paleta 2500x1000