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ISO Certificate

Certified quality management system
The introduction of quality management system was a strategic decision of the company with the possibility of using process approach in developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of quality management system in order to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting requirements.
Management quality management system covers all processes in the company to ensure compliance with customer requirements, with emphasis on the quality required in combination with the best possible price and to term performance in the production of wooden pallets.
In DREVINSLOVAKIA spol. s.r.o. we have implemented a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 for:
Manufacture of wooden containers and blanks.
Sawing logs and manufacture wooden primary products.
Heat treatment of wood packaging according to ISPM No. FAO 15/2002
ISO certification demonstrates not only that the defined level of quality of customer service is guaranteed, but also shows the systematic monitoring of operations, resulting in improvement of all processes and procedures in it.
Which ensures ISO certificate?
High quality products
High quality customer service
Timely delivery pallet orders
Continuous improvement processes across the enterprise
The current ISO 9001: 2015