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Quality control system

Quality control system

In DREVINSLOVAKIA spol. s.r.o. We use a quality control system which ensures consistency, durability and long-term usability of pallets we produce. The system consists of lots delivered control of pallet parts, monitor and control the production process of finished products. All of these control processes are integrated into the overall quality management system.

Monitoring of raw materials and parts

Quality control begins at the premises of suppliers of pallet elements and serves to eliminate any irregularities that may arise in preparation of raw materials for production. Pallet elements are also subject to checks at the entrance to the plant and of each job through which they will continue.

Finished products inspection

Finished products are controlled by a group of technical control of our company. In addition, pans are subjected to verification for compliance with the standard euros, while the symbol HT pallets are subjected to additional checks by external auditors to verify their compliance with phytosanitary standards as required by the IPPC certificate. Conformity assessment of compliance with the principles of quality management system is implemented within the specified deadlines external auditors of the certification company.

Pallets for "sensitive" use

Multi-stage quality control system that ensures the highest quality pallets and their compliance with technical and phytosanitary standards is particularly beneficial in the case of "sensitive" use, for example in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It is also one of the reasons why most of the customers have chosen DREVINSLOVAKIA spol. s.r.o. as their main provider of wooden pallets.